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The drowning and burning matches how the immigrant girls died.

's first season, Danny essentially kidnapped John's daughter Jane (Taylor Rouviere) and took her out on a boat as John raced around the Keys trying to find her.

fans who are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the dark family drama's second season on Netflix Friday at midnight likely still remember the major plot points from the series' first season: Black sheep brother Danny Rayburn (Ben Mendelsohn) returns home, starts dealing drugs through the family inn and ultimately dies in a fight with his younger brother John (Kyle Chandler) on the beach. has compiled a handy refresher on things viewers may need to know for season two. Early in the first season, Danny tells his friend Eric O' Bannon (Jamie Mc Shane) that he opened the seafood restaurant he was planning but indicated things weren't going so well. Mackey suggests the fire was arson and tells John that Danny didn't get any insurance money due to the damage.

Oh, and Danny had a son, as the kid himself revealed when he showed up at John's house in the closing seconds of the season finale. But unless you watched (or re-watched) the first season far more recently than when it debuted 14 months ago, you might not remember some of the more intricate details and subplots, which resurface in the second season. But guys kept showing up looking for their money, she says, until recently.

As John and Kevin leave Danny's apartment, it's worth remembering that someone in a "Rayburn House" t-shirt sees them leave.

The siblings continue to act like Danny is missing at the family's pier dedication ceremony, putting him in the seersucker suit he was supposed to wear to the event, making it look like he was going to attend, before John carries him to a boat and sets it on fire.

It's these financial difficulties that lead Eric to rope Danny with his work stealing gas for Quintana, a tattooed associate of drug dealer Lowry, whom Danny ultimately does business with as he moves narcotics through the Rayburn family's inn. Later in the season, John finds out that Danny was the head chef at Viva Caputa restaurant, which is boarded up after a fire.

They ultimately determined that the girls were likely killed in an immigration run gone bad carried out by Quintana, working for Lowry.After Danny dies and Meg and Kevin move his body, they come up with a way to get rid of the body and frame Lowry.While acting like Danny is missing, John and Kevin move the suitcases of narcotics they took out of a shed at the inn to Danny's apartment in Miami and make it look like the place was ransacked.And when the DEA starts to move in on Lowry, John gives Danny a heads-up.John tells him that if Danny comes clean, he'll talk to the DA and help cut him a deal, showing him pictures of the two girls who died to motivate Danny to turn on Lowry. Danny tells Lowry and Quintana that the DEA is going after them.

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