Two nascar drivers dating

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An upgrade tree for the career vehicle is gone; I didn’t miss it much, but it was still a choice to consider. First, there’s momentum, which is a race-to-race boost awarded for strong finishes and undamaged driving.And then there’s a star system on each team to help hot seat drivers judge the quality of the rides they’re taking.The 29 Challenges, shorter scenarios involving famous drivers, are also unlocked and playable in any order. This is also the only part of the game with any real commentary (though the spotter does have a few extra lines). Lang of Sirius XM’s NASCAR radio introduces each track and scenario, and completing it unlocks a legitimately helpful video, with the featured driver explaining how they race the course.Danica Patrick helped me conquer my fear of Darlington by telling me where she slightly brakes on turn 1, and how close she comes to the wall exiting turn 3, reassuring me that I was in OK position.But there is so much else in the rest of Career is a big mode, but it’s not the whole game.Split-screen local multiplayer racing also is back and because of that, all the tracks are unlocked at the beginning (they had been gated behind the “speed rating” a user compiles). I ran out of gas with Kevin Harvick in Atlanta and won, and survived a nasty pileup in Dover and held on to fourth place with Aric Almirola.requires such precision, whether on a gamepad or with a driving wheel.That’s what gives the game a suspenseful, lean-in, hang-on kind of thrill no matter what I’ve set for my goal.

The game’s visuals remain a strength, with NASCAR fans sure to notice every little detail, such as the scratches on the rear plexiglass of a truck or the beat-up surface of Atlanta Motor Speedway.Piss a driver off too much, and and they will remember it, such as when Snider shoved me out of the way after he had warned me I was racing too hard.I appreciated the social media compliments on clean driving and even the glare when I knew I’d done wrong.They triple the real-driver roster and vehicle fleet of Monster Games and 704 Games put a wrinkle on the classic up-from-nothing story of career modes, which always struggle to combine believability and fun.Players begin as “hot seat” drivers, attached to no team but getting their start with spot duty.

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