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By August 2009, major restructuring was initiated at the network with 60% of its news division staff being laid off in preparation for the network sale that occurred several months later.

Following the December 2009 sale of Fox televizija to Antenna Group and a transitional period of several months during which Bates continued as CEO, the job was handed over to Dejan Jocić in March 2010 though the Fox televizija name continued to be used until the start of the next television season in September 2010 when the network was re-branded as Prva srpska televizija or Prva.

Jocić, a German-born Serb and former Pro Sieben managing director, presided over Prva's expansion into the Montenegrin television market with the August 2012 establishment of its sister channel – Prva crnogorska televizija.

Three years later, on 16 April 2013, the network's editor-in-chief Dragan Nenadović was prompted to the position of Prva's CEO.

During its time under News Corporation, Fox televizija closely co-operated with News Corporation owned networks in neighboring countries such as b TV in Bulgaria and Fox Turkey, sharing production capabilities on specific projects and making use of their experiences.

From its inception until December 2009, it was majority owned by the global media conglomerate News Corporation, which attached its Fox brand to the operation, naming Dan Bates as the CEO.Amongst other things, the programme featured News Corp's chairman Rupert Murdoch wishing the citizens of Serbia happy new year 2007 and an unsuccessful attempt to link up with Fox News' studio in Baghdad via satellite.During its initial period of official broadcasting, Fox telvizija's entertainment programming mostly relied on old and inexpensive American sitcoms, dramas, and soaps such as The Bold and the Beautiful, ALF, Hollywood Safari, El Cuerpo del Deseo, Police Academy, with One Tree Hill, Cold Case, and The Amazing Race being the only possible exceptions to the 'cheap & old' rule.Self Brander Magazine Ltd.1 1/2 Miles Northern Highway Belize City Belize, Central America P. Box 1922Email: [email protected] trademarks, patents and trademarks, logos and product names are the property of their respective owners.For questions, comments, quotes, disruptions to your access generally, you should contact the appropriate, above contact.© copyright by Self Brander Magazine Ltd.

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