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During those 12 years I never really had any major issues with it.I have had the same discussion with my wife for the last 5 years about getting a new vehicle and my answer to her question was always.My husband kept saying, talk to my wife she is the one purchasing the car. I will be letting the BBB and Attorney General know of this behavior. I am super disappointed how customers get treated differently with no down payment and not to good credit.I recently posted this whole experience on my Facebook account and was surprised to hear that a friend of mine knows the owner, Andy Crews who he felt would NOT be okay with the way we were treated. I told the sales person Moe to keep me up to date about if I where financed do to my low credit score. Obviously finance and sales didn't want to work to hard to get me approved.

Not only was there a major lack of integrity and sales ethics happening at this site but the sales team kept trying to engage my husband and on several occasions eliminated me from eye contact or dialogue. I feel treated very badly just because my credit isn't good enough. He said he will do what he can and want to see me happy so I can get the car I want.Matter of fact my credit will be better one day and I am for sure won't purchase a new vehicle at Nissan for sure. I bought my 2011 Juke to the dealer because the check engine light was on this was on for I got a bill for repairs in the amount of 7 and was told that the problem was not repaired and I need a new engine my question is why did I need to spend 7 to be told that my car with only 38,000 miles on it needs a new ,000 engine my father in 1965 but our first Datsun and we've been buying Nissan's ever since my wife and I currently have a Nissan pickup a Pathfinder in the Juke we are concerned about the quality of the vehicles and I don't understand why that engine went out at 38,000 miles can you can you please respond to this question at your convenience thank you I just closed on a car at Bommarito Nissan .. 0 dollar deposit was made on a Rogue sport on 8/21/07 at 8/28/17 we waited for 3 hrs and 30 minutes waiting for car prep on a brand new car the dealer had a week to accomplish. George J Rimkus I was in one of your dealer ships on 11/14/2016, continental Nissan in country side Illinois, my wife and I were shopping for a red Murano 2017 with cream color interior, in which they didn't have in stock, they said they can get it, then ask me to leave a deposit in which I did not want to leave a deposit they pleaded with me to leave even my truck I said no, then the manager ask me to leave a deposit, he also said I will get my money back we don't operate like that, so I trusted him and left 0.Next morning I changed my mine, and when I contacted the dealer ship they said they're not giving me my money back, they showed me some papers that they said my wife and I sign said no refund, what we sign did not say no refund, and my receipt that I have doesn't have no refund on it either, your response to this issue will be appropriated in a timely matter, this is the second step in the attempt to resolve this issue.The service department said they cannot do anything because there is not a service light activation to address.The service writer said I would have to contact the cooperate office so someone can approve additional repair. really love my truck and would like to take care of this issue.

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