Psychostats not updating

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At this stage you will want to decide if you want to use a quick windows based installer I made or the original Sturm Bot installer, there are You can get my installer here, just download it, run it and stop reading this long tutorial!

We won't be going into a lot of detail on how the Sturmbots respond to the various vocal commands, we will leave that up to you to have fun experimenting with. It also uses the game console and a file called to add and delete bots and to control their behavior. Sturmbot adds bots to your map, then uses a file called a waypoint file to tell them where to go, and what to do.and better luck next time to the rest of the entrants.. dont worry theres a few more weeks left, so head on over to the thread in the forums and sign up before its too late!! well krissi, in her generosity, has put together a contest for you all.can read up on the details and sign yourself up at THIS thread in the've got nothing to lose..which keeps your view in 1st person when you die, duh.. Sooo instead of watching your body fall to the ground in 3rd person.. so why not win something I'd just like to say that Akrama & Swabie from cdrive will be joining us.other then that.. im going to stick with the old version i had on till the new version gets fixed a bit more..

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