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Howard Davies has directed a string of virtuosic productions of Russian plays at the National, from Gorky’s Philistines to Bulgakov’s The White Guard , and here he captures that distinctive Chekhovian mood of wild humour and piercing sadness to perfection.Meanwhile the cast is one of the finest ensembles I have ever seen at the National.Ivan Stott’s initially elegiac but increasingly woozy violin and piano score seems to soundtrack a world collapsing in on itself.While the varying tones provide as many strengths as weaknesses, there is much to applaud.Harold Perrineau (whom you may recognize from Baz Luhrmann’s ) gives a standout performance, and the strategic casting of several other actors of color, including Tony winner Chuck Cooper, does set some of the play’s themes in starker relief.But this is only one of many conceits operating in the hodge-podge production, which changes its look and mood with each act.When Ranevskaya and her brother (played by John Glover) arrive at the estate with the rest of the family in act one, they have the canned jubilance of Capitol dwellers in the with an elaborate costume party.(The costumes, which seem to place the characters in different worlds from scene to scene, are by Michael Krass.

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The effect is merely ridiculous, for the rest of the staging is scrupulously in period.

Yet if you can put this absurdity aside – and it is undoubtedly a struggle – much of the production is superb.

From the outset, it’s clear that director Simon Godwin intends to milk Chekov’s play for comedy, supplementing ironic and outright funny lines with pratfalls and sight gags worthy of a farce.

But when the plot calls for an abrupt shift in tone, as it often does, emotions mostly fall flat.

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