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The T can get you close to the M IQ for much less cash, and when you have more cash you can add an M lens or two. Both are a live view camera but the T is the superior live view camera.

Both are very unique in their own way and both are 100% simple in operation without anything to be confused about. I think many M users will pick up the T as a backup/2nd body. But the M is a different experience, which is what makes it the most unique digital camera today.

The build is as good as it gets in this class of camera and the feel and smoothness of operation was an absolute JOY.

The shutter sounds fantastic and is quiet with a solid muted thud.

That would be the best bet for indoor as you will get a wider angle and some speed. Still, that would be the main lens for me with the T.It is my job to use the latest so I can report more on them. So after only one week of using and shooting the Leica T I have come to the conclusion that while not perfect (no camera is), the Leica T is a fabulous mirrorless solution from Leica.No, there is not a built-in EVF and YES the EVF that is available is not as nice as the latest from Fuji or Olympus and will set you back a cool crisp 0, but at least it is there as an option.IQ from the T wins for Micro contrast and color but not by much.I am not pushing aside my E-M1 because I like the T better, I am pushing my E-M1 aside for the T as I HAVE TO.

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